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•  Offering the latest high tech products (Fiber optics, ether-net, wireless)
•  Local professional service technicians
•  All the products you will need from just one “local” company

Why is fiber good for Cascade?

Experts agree that Fiber to the Home, or FTTH is the best technology available today, and the only tech- nology that will take Cascade into the future. At a million times the capacity of copper, coax or wireless, only fiber will provide Cascade’s residents the ability to work at home, game online, stream movies and music, and have access to new and exciting video services like 3D high definition TV which is still being developed. Only fiber will give Cascade businesses and industries the technology they need to stay competitive, and provide our schools and health care facilities the bandwidth they need for distance learning and telemedicine opportunities.

Cascade Communications' investment in a state-of-the-art fiber network is an investment in Cascade’s future.

As a local business, Cascade Communications has provided reliable, affordable telecom services to Cascade’s residents and businesses for the last 55 years from our local office right here in Cascade, Iowa. Broadband is the backbone of any community. By being the only city with FTTH in our area, we hope to bring new high tech employers and jobs to our area, make current and future technology more affordable and accessible to Cascade’s residents, business, and industries, and provide an overall better quality of life for the people who live here.